Community Guidelines

At we operate with the trust of the public, so therefore, we take our reputation very serious. As an independent contractor/Sitter Partner for, I may at times represent to the general public. I agree to abide by the following community guidelines to ensure that all of my customers feel confident in my abilities and that of my fellow Sitters.

  1. It is my responsibility to conduct my self professionally at all times and I will do nothing that reflects poorly on myself, my fellow Sitters or the Company.
  2. It is my responsibility to manage my time appropriately. I will not be late for appointments for any reason. I will not book appointments back to back, causing me to be unreasonably late or miss an appointment.
  3. In customers homes I will at all times be attentive to the contractors. I will conduct myself as a professional liaison for the homeowner. I will ensure to the best of my abilities that the home is safe and secure.
  4. I will dress appropriately, with clean professional attire.