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Corporate Partnerships

We have a number of
opportunities for partnership at
a corporate level.

Excellent customer service is paramount! As we see it there are two parts to any service equation. The service providers schedule and the customers schedule. Our service provides consideration for your customer’s schedule and time constraints. By stepping in and providing an easier, more cost beneficial and time productive solution for your customer we help you shine as a service provider.




We understand maintenance and repairs are time consuming and you can’t be in all places at the same time. At a click of a button, you can contract our services to confirm contractors appointment times and dates (24 hours prior) and count on us to be there to provide access to the property and stay on the premises while the contractor are working. We offer blocks of time and service per month for the most convenience however, we can be there for you on individual projects also. Let us make your job easier and your customers happy.



So you just handed over the keys to the new home owner, yay! However during the walk through, there were a few things that still need attention. Painting touch ups, a light fixture is flickering and needs the electrician to look at it, the heat didn’t come on. These are just examples that would normally require your customer to take off work to come home and let your worker onto the premises and oversee the corrections. You no longer need to inconvenience your customer. As part of your outstanding commitment to service your customers can be assured these action items will not only be tended to in the most professional manner but it will be no inconvenience to them. We offer blocks of time and service per month for the most saving and convenience however, we can be there for you on individual projects also. Let us make your job easier and your new home owners happy.



Your residents have chosen the neighborhood you manage and pay a fee to the association to live there. As an HOA management company how valuable would it be to have responsible residents who do routine maintenance, home repairs and updates to their home? You can now encourage your clients to maintain the values of their properties and equity building with our service. Simply add a link to your website with a brief description of who we are and what we do. At no additional cost to you, you can offer your home owners a convenient service that will help them manage their time with contractor interaction, handyman services and their insurance companies. Let us help take your management services to the next level.



We partner with new home builders, HOAs and individual home owners. We understand that the needs of your customers comes first. We help you by alleviating the time constraints your customers often encounter. Problems can be compounded when a warranty issue needs to be address quickly, to prevent further damage. We reduce the difficulty involved with matching the schedule of the contractor with the schedule of the customer, by representing the homeowner, and allowing the warranty claim to be addressed in a timely and effective manner.



We understand the challenge is when a claim is made your customers have to make time to meet with a claim adjusters as well as a contractor or multiple contractors. This can create a significant inconvenience to your client. We help off set the stresses of time constraints involved with these processes. Our service will allow you to consider all aspects of your clients difficult situation. Let our service provide peace of mind for your customers as well as alleviate their time constraints.