...because you have better things to do with your time.

About Us

We are Ryan and John, a son and father team, that came up with the idea to provide homeowners more control over their free time, or at least the time we homeowners normally spend in regularly maintaining our homes. Through the use of technology, we’ve developed a system that strives to meet that challenge. The system is called Sitahouse.com.

At Sitahouse.com, we offer house and pet sitting services, and some related merchandise. We are different from the competition because we specialize in house sitting as it pertains to overseeing pre-scheduled repairs, receiving deliveries, vacant property checkups, or simply property access management. The homeowners are regularly forced invest their precious time and hard-earned money doing these themselves. No longer! We offer homeowners the ability to unlock their precious free time to be used elsewhere rather than toward bothersome repairs and other routine activities.

As we continue to grow and improve our services, we’re constantly working to make our customers happier and their time more accessible. We enjoy helping people order house and pet sitting services quickly and affordably.